Our Commitment

There was purpose, meaning and intent in naming our products, Nature’s Logic™. It is your guarantee from us, the manufacturer, that the products bearing this name are indeed products born out of the logic of nature. They are a reflection of the safe and wholesome foods nature supplies. Nature and all she teaches us has been our guide. Science can discover how to least cost formulate a pet food with cheap ingredients and chemically synthesized supplementation, but at what cost to our pets? Nature is no cheat. Nature’s Logic™ has cut no corners or taken any short cuts. Our pets need and deserve what is right; not what is merely convenient to us.


George MacDonald was born in Scotland in 1824. Following are some excerpts¹ from his greatest writings on the topic of Nature.

“Think for a moment what would be our idea of greatness, of God, of infinitude, of aspiration, if, instead of a blue, far withdrawn, light-spangled firmament, we were born and reared under a flat white ceiling! I would not be supposed to depreciate the labours of science, but I say its discoveries are unspeakably less precious than the merest gifts of Nature, those which, from morning to night, we take unthinking from her hand.”

“Nature is brimful of symbolic and analogical parallels to the goings and comings, the growth and the changes of the highest nature in man. It could not be otherwise. For not only did they issue from the same thought, but the one is made for the other. Nature is an outer garment for man, or a living house, rather, for man to live in.”

“In whatever way it may be accounted for, of one thing we may be sure, that this feeling is no cheat; for there is no cheating in nature and the simple unsought feelings of the soul.There must be a truth involved in it, though we may but in part lay hold of the meaning.”


1. Selections from His Greatest Works,
George MacDonald,
Compiled by David L. Neuhouser