dog6There was nothing ‘wrong’ with my dog, she was an active and seemingly healthy young border collie. However, if you looked closely you would notice her coat was thin, no really noticeable undercoat and she was skinny. I couldn’t get enough food or fat into her. After speaking with Nature’s Logic I got off the phone thinking that there was no way a dog food would be able to just turn her around within a matter of weeks. I figured I had nothing to loose so I bought my first bag of Nature’s Logic Canine Duck and Salmon kibble. Within 2 weeks I was a believer! Within 4 I was telling everyone about this food, because everyone was commenting on the change in my dog. Her coat is soft and thick and shiny and her already muscular body blossomed. She has boundless energy, not the nervous sort, amazing stamina, concentration and strength so much so that she has become a champion Frisbee dog with myself and both my daughters in the same day!

I have never felt so strongly about the positive effects of any one product. I just started my old guys on the Beef a few days ago and I will let you know!

Thank you for your dedication in producing a quality kibble for beloved family members.

C & M

dog5I have tried many high end dog foods, but none as good as Nature’s Logic, I don’t have to add anything but a little warm water, it smells so good I could eat it. I have also tried raw diet, but my dogs just don’t like it, so if they won’t eat it, what good is it. I do change protein from bag to bag, so allergies don’t develop, so it has only taken over 30 years to find a dog food that works for my pets.

MJ & R

My neighbor’s dog was throwing up EVERY day. I told her it was the dog food. She was feeding some famous brand, as recommended by her Vet. I finally gave up begging, purchased a bag of your food, gifted the food to my friend and begged her to feed your food to her dog, Muffin. Within one week, Muffin stopped throwing up daily. In fact, it has been almost one year now and Muffin has not thrown up since she switched to your dog food. Thank you for saving Muffin’s life.

Muffin’s Life

dog4This is Brix. His tear stains were like this on both eyes. It was terrible! His tear stains were completely gone after 3 months of Nature’s Logic. Thank you Nature’s Logic.

J & Sophie

cat2Dear Nature’s Logic: Please excuse me for taking up your time but I thought to write and say how grateful we are for your food and all that it entails! I am appreciative of the healthy influence in all aspects of ingredients, formulation, local manufacturing and sourcing! Thank you for making our cats so happy and healthy! All the best

Candice, GW and S

cat3My cat Haven suddenly stopped eating his kibble. I was worried and tried to find a suitable canned food for him that not only did he like, but was packed with all the essential nutrients he needed to be happy and healthy. After much trial and error, I was introduced to Nature’s Logic. Not only does Haven love it, but it’s the perfect healthy food for him! I’m so excited about finding Nature’s Logic and my worries are over. Thank you for this wonderful feline formula!


I wanted you to know, I did some taste tests with my boys. Both of them selected the Nature’s Logic chicken. We bought a 26.4 lb bag last week!

We are well over half-way through the bag and even our picky one has been eating consistently!! This is no small feat. He is in training to be a Search & Rescue Man-trailing dog. It is very important to us that he is fed a healthy diet that includes rotation of high quality products with optimal nutrition. Unfortunately, he has always been a bit underweight, but now that he has been eating Nature’s Logic – we are hoping he puts on weight. I cannot say how pleased we are with the response he has had!! Our growing pup, (all 135 lbs of him) also eats your food with gusto!

I have told all my dog owning friends about your food and handed out a few “samples” from our 26.4 lb bag! Hopefully, I can make converts of them.


After many years of feeding another premium food, my dog April, a German Shepherd, became diabetic (not from food). I cannot tell you what a lifesaver your food has been. She was diagnosed in March 2006, and I thought I had her regulated with insulin and her regular food. But to no avail those high numbers came back due to the company changing ingredients and factories.

I just have to say that she is doing great. Her fasting # is 99-120 and one hour after eating she is at180 and never goes higher now than 198. I do mix her dry with watered down cans (also Nature’s Logic), and she loves it. My other dog, Kalvin, who is not diabetic but is picky, loves the food. There’s never anything left for April to “snack on” anymore. So thank you for a great food which I have now just purchased for my 13 yr old cat, too. Keep up the good work and please don’t change a thing…


I have been using your products (the chicken and rabbit flavor dry cat food) for approximately the last 6 months. I would like to let you know how much my cat enjoys these two products. Kelli is particularly fond of the rabbit flavor. As most cats, she is very particular; and since I have been buying Natures Logic, she has never walked away from her bowl.

I have a box of unopened bags in my storage room, and she was trying to climb into the box today, after she got a scent of the contents. She has NEVER done that in the past.

I also must compliment you on your customer service. I had a question regarding the ingredients, and called and talked with Tracy and Scott. While talking with Scott, we were inadvertently disconnected. They only had my name and not my phone number, but they went to the trouble to find out my phone number and called me back within a few minutes to make sure I had all of my questions answered! Now that is exceptional customer service.

J.R., MI

I have two German Shorthaired Pointers who have been on Nature’s Logic since this past summer. One is a 12 1/2 year old with incontinence issues and one is a 10 1/2 year old that has food allergies. They both love your kibble. One actually spins around on her hind legs when she sees me walking to the feeding area with their dog bowls.

The care and quality of ingredients you put into your food gives me peace of mind they are getting the nutrition they need.