My dog is eating a combination of the Duck & Salmon kibble with the canned formulas. She loves both of them. She gets excited as soon as she sees me reaching for a can or scooping out the kibble. It seems like when I turn around, it’s gone.

Even though my dog is a very energetic 16 month old, I have noticed that since she started Nature’s Logic, her energy and stamina have increased. Her coat is very shiny and her “poops” are small and firm.

I am also happy that I am able to purchase your food locally.

Thanks for a terrific product. MW, NY

testimonials_image_33I found out about Natures Logic through a very nice store in Albuquerque, NM, Long Leash on Life. I decided to try it for my new lab puppy just to see how he did with it. Well, was I in for a surprise! He loves it. I give him a round frozen patty for breakfast, and a can, now moving into two cans as he grows, for dinner. I leave the kibbles down for him during the day. He is very healthy, people are always commenting on how soft his coat is, the fact he’s not overweight, and the vet commented on how good his blood test was.

I am very, very happy, with the quality of his food from Natures Logic.

SK-New Mexico

I am an employee at a pet food store in the Minneapolis area. I just wanted to thank you again for coming to visit us. I have been a firm believer in Natural and Organic foods for years. I myself have witnessed extreme changes in people and animals simply by changing to Natural and eliminating man made supplements and prescription drugs.

It was so reassuring to me that you believe humans can also benefit from your knowledge of animal food. It was very obvious how passionate you are about your work and really believe in what you are doing. Thank you again for showing people the truth and the light. I plan on putting all my animals and foster pets on your food.


I feel that your food is the best thing for my dog. For its quality, and all the ingredients used. I’m also so glad it doesn’t contain any of the things she’s allergic to, so I can give it to her!!! I am going to spread the word about your food to as many people as I can, including veterinarians as well as breeders..


I have finally been able to end my search for the perfect litter for my CRF cat. Your Nature’s Logic Cat Litter leaves my bathroom (where I keep the litter box) smelling much fresher and cleaner and it absorbs exceedingly well (super cost effective). My cat can relax now and doesn’t have to keep cleaning off sticking bits of litter, which cuts down on fur ball spit ups. It’s the best.

Thank you. S.R. NY, NY

I just want to say I’m very impressed with your food. All 9 of my dogs love it!!!!!

I love the rich dark color and the aroma. The ingredients are superb!!!!! The best things about it are feeding smaller amounts and very small stools.

I use about a bag of food every 5 days and 4 cans a day.


We are all using the Nature’s Logic North Atlantic Sardine Oil on our dogs at the moment. It is probably the best fish oil that we have seen.

K…., T