BoxerI am one happy Mommy! My 10 year old boxer had been spitting up his dog food for several weeks. I had been feeding him a fairly good food, (so I thought) not one you buy at your grocery, but a little better! Had been back and forth with my vets office on giving him zantac for acid reflux to switching his doog food. Nothing was helping. Even tried honey, suppose to aid in digestion. Again, was not helping! Went to an open house at one of our local shelters, and met Angela. She then introduced me to Nature’s Logic. Boy have I learned alot. My baby has been on Nature’s Logic for one week and have already noticed a huge change in him he and has almost stopped spitting his food up/throwing up all together!!!! It has made such a difference in him!! So very greatful!!! Thank you,

T and B

I have a dog kennel in Minnesota, I have been feeding Nature’s Logic for a while now and my dogs love your food. I have been through so many brands of dog food, it’s unbelievable! Now that I’m feeding Nature’s Logic, I have seen dramatic changes in them. I will no longer be switching dog foods.

J.H., MN

I just purchased my first bag of canine lamb formula and tried to phase in the food as suggested on the bag. Well – so much for that. My active cockapoo has managed to root out every single morsel of his new food and has piled the old food on the floor next to his food dish. Looks like phasing in the food is not going to work around here – the dog feels Nature’s Logic is much better than his old food. I’m impressed with the ingredients and nutrition – since he can’t read, I assume he’s just appreciating the taste.

FYI – This dog is NOT a chow hound – he’s usually quite indifferent to food. Kinda says it all. The dog recognizes a good thing 🙂

Looks like the old food is headed out for the local wildlife.

Thanks for a great product.


I have been feeding your food for some time now and they still love it! I recently got my brother and his wife to switch to your food and their little poodle mix has not been sick since!!! She used to throw up and have stomach problems. Even the vet didn’t help with the problems. They took her to Ohio State and just had to keep trying different foods. She has been on natural foods but yours is the best by far that agrees with her.


Thought I would send an update. We continue to be VERY pleased with your food. Our boys are doing very well on it. My older dog T…. is doing exceptionally well. He will be 4 in March and has always had a poor appetite. In the past we were lucky if he ate 1 meal a day, typically it was one meal every other day. He was about 10lbs underweight. He went to the vet 2 weeks ago, and he gained 6 lbs! This is big news. We are so happy. Now that he is on Nature’s Logic he consistently eats 2 meals per day, his coat is soft and shiny, and he looks vibrant. He really seems to like the vitamin supplement mix. I add it to one meal each day, and he gobbles it up. I am so happy you offer this product. Please keep it in your product line!

B. Milwaukee, WI

I’d like to thank the distributor who allowed my cats to sample the (Nature’s Logic) Duck & Salmon dry food for free during his visit to Pabby’s Pet Pantry in PA. I have since purchased the (Nature’s Logic) chicken and rabbit dry as well. At one point I had taken my five cats off of dry food completely because two of them were gaining too much weight and I had read that it was attributable to the carbs in dry pet food. It’s great to be able to feed them Nature’s Logic dry – without the cheap fillers and additives and, at the same time, know that they benefit from so many healthy ingredients available in a single product. I have to offer more than one flavor to suit each cat’s taste, but all five enjoy it. One used to vomit after eating a cheaper canned food, but her tummy is calm and happy with Nature’s Logic.

Thank you for making this superior product available. It is well worth the price.

T.T. Willow Grove,PA

I’ve been feeding your dry and can food and using your vitamin supplement and sardine oil for about six months now. Everywhere I go I get huge compliments on how beautiful my dogs look. Their eyes are extremely bright, the coats are thick and shiny, their muscles bulge everywhere. Not to mention they have tons of energy…my dogs are all working border collies that work on a farm and we compete all over the southeast and do quite well!!!! Thank you soooo much for such a great product line!!!

I (also) started feeding them your raw diet, and they absolutely love it!!! They all go crazy over it.

KK – Florida

I converted my friend O….. to your food. Her cat S…n kept getting fatter and fatter and his demeanor was very contemptable toward her. Plus he always seemed like he was starving. Now that he is eating your (Nature’s Logic) rabbit flavored dry food he is much calmer and contented and seems much more loving toward his owner. Neither O….. or I could believe the change in his personality. I believe it is due to him getting a higher fat food that contains animal fat and not corn oil. His previous food (…… Lite food) had soy and no animal fat of any kind. She also started supplementing his diet with minor amounts of grain free wet food plus squash and home cooked chicken. He lays/loves on her alot now and he used to be stand offish before. What the right kind of nourishment will do for a cat……….

Internet Testimonial

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have great products…my dogs are doing wonderful – everything from my young puppy to my senior citizens!! And they love it so I am not having to figure out ways to keep them eating! We have been asking for feed back from our customers as well and so far the results are wonderful…..

Store Management – San Antonio, TX

Your dry cat food (rabbit flavor) is a huge hit with my cats. I have a cat with a heart murmur and slight kidney problems, and he has done very well on your dry food……

RH, Ohio