I am writing you today in order to thank you for making such a great product. I am referring to your Nature’s Logic Canine Natural Chicken Formula. I am a breeder of Chocolate Labs and have been doing so for 15 years. Since I am a breeder, I am certainly interested in finding the best possible nutrition for not only my own dogs, but all of the dogs that I sell.
About six months ago, the store that I buy my dog food was out of my usual brand. I only had about 2 days left of food and the store was not going to get that food for about a week. The owner of the store suggested I try your food, so I did.

That was actually the best thing I have done in a long time. Since then all of my dogs have a lot more energy, and their coats are actually sparkling. For over a year before switching, one of my females was only 5 points away from being a grand champion. This past weekend she got those points and then some. The judge asked me later what I had changed for my dog. I told her about your food, and she said she was going to switch because the change your food caused was so unbelievable.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my attorney to make a couple of changes in my puppy contracts. I have decided to put in the contract that any guarantees will only be honored if the buyer feeds your dog food. Keep up the good work!


Snickers loves this food and her coat (which I and the vet thought were in good condition) is even better. What a sheen! Too bad I have no way to prove it, but I think the food has helped whatever causes people to be allergic. Since I switched, my daughter, friends, and her cousins don’t get any signs or symptoms of being sensitive. Also, Snickers hasn’t had one hair ball cough. She didn’t have them often, but never is best!

DS, Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you for coming out with your food. One of our two dogs has been suffering from inhalant allergies since he was 6 months old, and has issues with yeasty ears. We were just about ready to go on a homemade diet, because we had tried so many other foods on the market that just caused yeasty ears in C….n. We’ve been on your food for 6 months now, and he is still yeast free. I’ve got to tell you, when I first met my vet –the typical food was pushed on us – which we tactfully declined. Right now – our vet is very impressed with your food and how C….n is doing on it. That says a lot about your food.

DR – Colorado

My four year old cat was diagnosed with asthma and allergies shortly after I adopted her in 2005. She was also diagnosed with a heart condition during a routine examination in 2006. I switched her to your (Nature’s Logic) Rabbit Dinner dry food at that time and the improvement has been little short of astounding. The swelling/bloat from water retention disappeared immediately, her asthma attacks have stopped, and her allergic reactions are much reduced. This six year old cat looks and plays like a two year old. I am convinced that without the wholesome diet she would not have lived long. Formerly, she ate one of the now-recalled brands, loaded with corn and wheat gluten.. Thank you for keeping these inappropriate ingredients out of your foods!

Very Truly Yours,

N.B. (and G…)

Hello. I am a veterinarian who has been feeding raw for quite a few years due to my concern for processed food and the effect on dog health. However, I also do worry about bacteria in raw.

My collie has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma so I no longer feed raw as she is immunosuppressed and it is too risky.

A local pet food store owner told me about your product so I looked at the web site. I am a HUGE believer in whole food vitamins and supplements. I NEVER thought I would find a dog food supporting this same concept. A few years back I went to a veterinary lecture given by Standard Process on whole food nutrition and I have been a believer ever since. They talked about how in artificial vitamins the body does not get the whole vitamin complex and …this may do more harm than good.

Thank you for a great sounding food and I look forward to trying it.


I am so pleased with your kibble – having come from a strictly raw diet, I could not be more pleased by what I have seen. Now 6 or 7 months later feeding Natures Logic Lamb kibble, the proof is in the pudding – all of our Clumbers are blooming with better coats, healthy nails, no more grass or dirt eating, and endless stamina. Weights are perfect also. We have been feeding 75% Lamb formula – and 25% raw meat, which mixes and digests to perfection. They bark so loudly for dinner, the house shakes! The telling point is in our new Clumber mom and her litter. G….. is 3 years old, it is her first litter….and the first litter we are weaning onto kibble. I would not be doing this if I did not have complete faith in the nutrient balance, quality and safety of your product. G….. was on your kibble for about 3 months prior to breeding and throughout gestation. She carried a large litter for Clumber Spaniels – 9. She has had plenty of healthy milk for her pups, and did not lose a bit of coat since the birth of the litter! That is a miracle! Pups love their weaning gruel of soaked kibble, goats milk and a bit of raw beef. Thank you again for your dedication to producing and watching over such a fine product we will look forward to raising our young litter on – and all adults here for years to come.

BM – Virginia

I have been feeding a premium (R…. …..) food for several years. I always wanted to move to a more natural, less grain based diet, but I never seemed to have the time to really research my options. Once the melamine debacle made the news, I made the time and did some investigating.
I have tried many varieties of meat based foods, kibble and frozen and freeze dried. I will always need a kibble option since I travel for work and need something that can be left out. My cats LOVE your rabbit based kibble.
They now won’t eat anything else–other kibbles sit in the bowl untouched.
It’s the only kibble that makes them actually growl when another cat comes near while eating.
Thank you for the quality of your food. It is wonderful, and I’m happy I found a more natural answer for my pets.


Hello, I have a Lab and German Shepherd mix. The lab is 7 yrs. old. The Lab was diagnosed with a non functioning thyroid three years ago. So the doctor put him on a thyroid drug, and he lost 20 Lbs. in 4 months. I was feeding him a major brand, but he didn’t really have any energy, plus he was shedding bad. One day he ran out of food but I had some Natures Logic Duck and Salmon, that I feed my female German Shepherd. She is a police K-9. After feeding him Nature’s Logic, I took him back to the vet and his thyroid levels are normal!!!!! The hair loss stopped, and his over all health has progressed 10 fold. It is a fantastic food. Also, clean up is something that I have never seen before. It will dry quickly, I will be looking around and it has vanished. This product is the best. I see such a difference in his overall health, and the shiniest coat. Personally, I will stay with this product for the life of my dogs. Thanks to Nature’s Logic my pets are the best they can be. Thank-you again for this product.


CA Flushing MI

I saw one of my recent new Natures Logic customers over the weekend. Her Blue Heeler had a lymphoma on her neck the size of a baseball back in March. The vet said he could cut it off but it would just come back. The ONLY change in the dog’s life has been the switch to Natures Logic, and the lymphoma has totally disappeared. Thought you should know!


Penny, TN

testimonials_image_32Well the pups made it here on June 24, 2007. China had 4 very healthy, robust, active-from-birth Native American Village Dog puppies. They began nursing as soon as they came out…….just about. As quick as we could get the sack off of them and get the umbilical cord cut, they were nursing.

This is my first litter and China’s as well and I wanted to provide the best supplementation (Nature’s Logic All Food Fortifier) that I could so my bitch would be able to have strong, healthy, robust pups and also have good energy and a shiny coat. It looks like it was a success. They are ten days old today (7/4/2007) and the 1st born, which was also the runt, has begun opening her eyes and the rest will follow shortly.

Thank you for making a product that is safe, natural and as close to nature as you can get. I think it has made all the difference. I will use it on my bitches in the future as I feel confident it will help provide the best nutrition possible for them and their offspring.

The pics were taken when the pups were about 2 or 3 days old. The smallest was 12 oz., the largest, which was the last one born weighed in at 1 lb 1 oz. They have continually gained weight and have good, strong appetites.

Thanks again for the quality, time and effort you guys put in to provide the kind of products that take to heart the true nature of the dog and the needs they have.

CF – Virginia