My 16 year old Toy Fox Terrier had struggled with a terrible yeast infection in both ears to the point where it caused him to go deaf. I had him at the vets many, many times over the years, and all they could do would give him some antibiotics. It would clear up his infection for the length of the consumption. But after a short time, I started seeing the build up of this dark brown, smelly “wax” in his ears. I came across Nature’s Logic in February 2008. After reading the superior ingredients, I decided to buy a 4.4 pound bag and mixed it in with his current premium food. I would say about a month later, I noticed he had almost no wax in his ears (about a 95% REDUCTION). I cleaned the small amount out and thought it was just a fluke (I didn’t want to get my hopes up ).I AM THRILLED TO SAY that I no longer have to clean his ears out!! Not only does he love the taste, but he’s no longer scratching his ears or tilting his head to one side. I cannot thank you enough for your un-believable product!! B.V. PA


About 1 1/2 years ago I tried your food for my 8 year old Great Dane (Lily) that had cancer. She had an appetite but would turn her nose up at food (even turkey and rice). I learned about your food and was able to special order it from my local pet store. Lily never turned down a meal again. I know Nature’s Logic increased the quality and quantity of her life. Lily passed away in January 2007. I adopted a deaf Great Dane (Jana) in February 2007. Several months ago she started having seizures. All the tests came back normal and the vet thought it was food related. Shortly after Lily died my local pet store wasn’t able to get your food so Jana was on another brand of high quality pet food. When my vet mentioned food allergies I knew I had to track down your food. My local pet store still could not get it, so I turned to your website. You listed a retailer not far from my home so I emailed the owner and she got back with me right away (she is terrific). Since being on Nature’s Logic, knock on wood, Jana has had no seizures. Also, her stool always had a weird odor to it (looking back this might be a clue about the food allergies). On Nature’s Logic, there is no odor. I just want to thank you for making such a terrific product and I tell anyone who will listen. Thanks for reading this! C… M… Redford, MI


I just wanted to thank you for making a dog food I feel confident in recommending. This is my 3rd liter that I have fed the Dams and weaned the pups using your food. The overall condition of my dams and puppies has amazed me. The moms maintained a healthy weight all through lactation and the pups never missed a beat when it came to weaning. Every thing about them said healthy; their coats, alertness and level of energy. The other thing I have noticed since I have started feeding your food is that I have lower vet bills. They just seem to have a higher resistance to all the things that our dogs come in contact with from traveling to various dog shows and being exposed to thousands of dogs from all over the country. The morale of the story: when you feed an amazing dog food with truly all natural ingredients, you can expect amazing results. Linda Knilans Eclipse Miniature Schnauzers Conifer, Colorado

Linda Knilans Eclipse Miniature Schnauzers Conifer

This is Liz, Sara’s helper at one of your retailers. I brought home one of the 4# bags of dog food that you had sent to Sara to try on my dog. He was diagnosed with “a sensitive stomach” by the vet school in 2005. He threw up once a week or more before I started working here and I started feeding him W. C. We decided to put your food to the test and switch him to it cold turkey like you suggested. He has been on it for 6 days now with no problems what so ever. In fact, I find it takes him longer to chew your food than the W.! He has also not scratched once which is why we chose grain free. I just wanted to let you know my own experience and tell you that our customers will hear too!

Liz L

Greetings. I purchased my first bottle of the North Atlantic Sardine Oil dietary supplement at the dog show at the Cow Palace earlier this year. I have since drizzled it twice daily over both my Border Terrier and Austrian Shepherds kibble as well as the cat’s food. Both dogs and our cat have shown improved coats and less production of sebum. However, the biggest dramatic change has been in that of my 11 year old Shepherd. He was beginning to display the signs of aging in his rear hips and now they have actually re-built noticeable muscles and he can jump straight up into the back of my pick up truck. He also springs around and tries to shepherd the rest of my doggy day care group while we’re out hiking. The most unexpected benefit of all has been the re-growth of his black fur. He is a black dog and had grayed around the muzzle and chest the past few years. Now his eyes and muzzle have literally become a darker shade again and there is far less gray! It’s so wonderful to assist my sweet dogs in improved health. I endorse this product wholeheartedly. I’m going to continue to purchase this locally from one of your store sources and have recommended it to all of my clients. Thanks kindly, Raina and the Tree Sniffers Gang.

Raina and the Tree Sniffers Gang

After feeding my 3 cats your food for about 2 months I have seen a dramatic change in their appearance and energy level. One cat had always had matted and grungy hair. Now his coat is soft and smooth and beautiful. My other 2 cats are now playing like kittens. Thank you! Mrs. R.

Mrs. R.

I switched my dog to your food, and just wanted to let you know that he LOVES it (especially the raw patties). Thank you very much for all your help. M.R.


This email came in to one of our retailers: We’re ready for another dog food order! They absolutely refuse to eat anything else. We had a coupon for a free bag of W_______ dog food (one of the best brands out there) and they wouldn’t touch it. They like the Nature’s Logic Chicken and Duck/Salmon flavors, so I’d like 2 bags of each. R. Michigan

R. Michigan

This email came from a groomer who also sells Nature’s Logic: Of those clients which have switched to Nature’s Logic, I have to relay one story: I have been grooming this gentleman’s miniature schnauzer since she was 3 months old. She’s now about 5 and was getting fat. I switched him to Nature’s Logic about 2 months ago. I recently asked him how “Lil’ Bit” was feeling. He started in on how impressed he is with Nature’s Logic, then told me that “Lil’ Bit” is feeling 5 mph better. I said “huh”? He relayed the following: He has a very long driveway & uses a 4 wheeler to go get the mail. Lil Bit always runs along side the 4 wheeler and they travel at 5-6 mph. Since changing to Nature’s Logic, she looks at him like “what’s the hold up”? if he not doing at least 12 mph. His story really made me smile. V.B.


Finally—-A company that makes a dog food without synthetic vitamins!…..Now that is smart. I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgies,and I feed them no grains but could never find a dog food that didn’t have synthetic vitamins…….I am going to buy your food today at Only Natural Pet Store online and give it a try….Good for you guys! M.D.