testimonials_image_29I started feeding a raw diet to my Newfoundlands in 1995, starting with S.. F.. M.. C.. foods, then going to N.. V.. and finally to your Nature’s Logic dry dog food. While all of these foods were far superior to ‘regular’ foods, the results I’ve had with Nature’s Logic is phenomenal!

My veterinarians have all commented on the exceptionally good health, good coat and overall condition of Zolton, one of which considers him the healthiest dog in his care.

While some people scoff at the relatively high cost of Nature’s Logic products, it is clear to me that in the long run the quality of your foods is easily offset by the lack of trips to the vet for the many ailments and conditions that are common with other brands of food.

Additionally, the efforts of your distributor for Montana, CMS Pet Products, in providing me Nature’s Logic before local retailers were added went above and beyond the call of duty.

Now if I could just keep him from sleeping on the roof!

Thank you so much.

M. C. Bigfork, MT

Our dog Stormy was having real bad skin problems. He was on F…. R….. and after you suggested it, I read the book Raw Meaty Bones. We switched him to Nature’s Logic beef patties. Stormy is like a new dog, no more skin problems no more ear infections. I just wanted to say Thank you! K.C.


I have been feeding raw for 16 years, and I am so glad my good friend told me about your products. I started feeding Nature’s Logic to my boy Willie, who is Newfoundland, about a year ago. After he was on it for about 2 months, I really noticed a change in his coat. It was softer and shinier. He had more spark in his eye. I am now selling it to all my friends and family. Thank you again for having a product that is natural and safe for me to feed my dogs. Jackie


testimonials_image_30I am a breeder of Kurilian Bobtail cats, which were orginally found on the Kuril Islands. Currently, there are only two breeders in the U.S. of this rare breed of cats. I love the Nature’s Logic food and am happy that I found it through P & P Pet Products Distributor, Inc.

Kurilian Bobtail

testimonials_image_31Crumpet diving into Nature’s Logic Duck and Salmon Feline Formula, while it was being poured into the storage container…

V & B, The Woodlands, TX

“You don’t know it but you have helped Rescue group(s) here in Houston. They really enjoy receiving the food and have said it has caused no GI upsets and is great for those dogs who need to put on some weight. My clients have enjoyed the food also – so I guess I need to restock my supplies.”

PC, DVM, Houston, TX

Hi, I have been looking for a food that doesn’t add supplemental vitamins and minerals, and actually thought it was impossible to find. I had given my cats a dosage of iron, and then realized afterwards how dangerous that could be – after that, I began researching and wondering why with every can I open, they would need the large amounts of synthesized vitamins and minerals included… it just didn’t seem natural. I’m so glad to have found your product, and would like to try it.

BJ – Boca Raton, FL

We’re very impressed with the stool breakdown of Nature’s Logic that we have been feeding our Bull Mastiff. The way it fades to a light grayish color and disintegrates reminds me of a dog’s stool that has been fed raw food.

C.M. – Canada

As soon as we got the product in, I started feeding my cat the duck/salmon dry food. In the past, she’s had a continual problem where she throws up on a fairly regular basis. I thought it might have been a hairball thing or possibly eating food too quickly, but it just didn’t seem right. Since she’s been on the Nature’s Logic food, she hasn’t vomited once! It’s such a great feeling knowing I don’t have to watch where I step when I get out of bed first thing in the morning.

M.H., British Columbia

I had been feeding my babies (another natural pet food) that I purchased from a local distributor. She informed me that she couldn’t get (the natural pet food) any longer, and she started stocking Nature’s Logic. So I switched. I also got my daughter to feed it to her little dog.

They all love it. We have had no problems feeding it at all.

I have fed natural premium foods for a long time now and feel this one might top them all.