Hi! I live in Colorado and as you know it’s extremely dry out here. My dogs were always flaky and dry no matter what. Since I switched to Natures Logic, it has improved a lot and so have many other things. They are less gassy, and their poops are nice and formed. I had not a single problem when I switched them either.

Everyone is doing great including the cat. He is a shelter cat and came to us with a lot of health problems. Since he started on the Kibble and Raw he’s doing awesome! He looks incredible and feels great too. He’s pooping solid for the first time ever, and shedding a lot less. He’s a long haired 15 pound cat and doesn’t have to eat a ton of food to feel satisfied! Thank you so much Natures Logic! I think for the first time in two years we’ve found a keeper! Keep up the good work!

J,P,G,and G

Dear Nature’s Logic,
I just wanted to let you know that your dry Lamb formula is awesome! I show and hunt German Wirehaired Pointers. They require superior nutrition due to their rigorous activities and we have definitely found that in Nature’s Logic. We became hooked after trying your food at the International Kennel Club show in Chicago. I have one male who has always been a finicky eater (as a lot of wires can be). He also has had trouble with intestinal upset on various other foods. We’ve been through just about every brand on the market! Since switching Coach to your food, as well as all of my wires, I have noticed their stools are always firm, their coats are shiny, their pigment is nice and dark, and their overall health and endurance has improved! Everyone loves the taste and they never leave any behind in their bowls. We just wanted to say thanks for coming out with an exceptional quality dog food!

–M.R, Coach, Woody, Noel, and Grissom

testimonials_image_17I have never professed the use of a pet food before. So, this is a first.

We first heard about your food during a demonstration at our local pet store – it sounded too good to be true. Our German Shepherd just finished a bout of gastroenteritis and our cat loves to eat fast and puke. I should call Guinness about the frequency she does this. Anyway, we loaded up on samples, dry food and wet food for both animals.

When I got home, I read the other testimonials on your web site and thought, “Yeah, sure.”

Now, my wife and I are amongst the converted. The animals have been on your product for 6 weeks. My cat has not vomited once!! The dog’s stomach problems have completely disappeared. The cat gets fed 5 small meals a day…of both dry and wet. The dog gets fed in the morning and evening.

I know this sounds nuts, but I swear my cat is happier. We’ve had her for 7 years and I know her pretty well. She’s losing weight and her appetite is under control. It takes less to satisfy her. But by not eating food that makes her queasy, by eating food that’s 100% good for her, she is thriving. Even her coat has become luxurious, as well as the dog’s. With the old food, she never knew when to stop. With your food, her instinct somehow tells when to stop…just short of blowing chunks on our bed. That’s a good thing.

The dog was given to us 6 months ago at age 5. Hie’s a very picky eater, but he loves your food. We mix 2 cups dry with 1/2 cup of wet.

We have been back to the store many times and have seen Lisa telling people about your food. Each time, we get more information based on questions we have. Lisa is our animal’s guardian angel.

I am one of the millions now living on unemployment benefits. And my wife is unable to work. So, money is dear. Your food isn’t cheap, but it’s the best investment we can make for our animals. To be frank, it wouldn’t matter how much it cost, we would still purchase it.

You have solved our short term and long term problems. I know we will visit the vet less because of your product.

Thank you,

P.K. – Milwaukee

testimonials_image_15I just wanted to take the time to say, “Thank you!” for Nature’s Logic, a wonder product. Our dog used to produce too much acid in his stomach and despite being on antacids, he would still vomit bile in the early morning. Now that he has become acclimated to Nature’s Logic, he no longer vomits bile. The best part is that our dog no longer needs to take antacids and he doesn’t wake us up early in the morning anymore. He sleeps later and later each morning because his stomach is now balanced. So “Thank you!” for making such a wonderful product that cured our dog’s problem holistically.

B.L.-Houston, TX

testimonials_image_14I just wanted to take the time to write you and tell you what a great product I think you have. I have known about Nature’s Logic for some time, but could not get it very easily until recently. I now live down the street from a store that can special order your canned diet for me. One of my cats is prone to struvite, and a grain free, high quality canned food diet has done him wonders. His siblings are also on the same diet, and they are doing great as well. I was so happy to find out that I can get your food now, because now they will not be getting chemically synthesized foods. Your food, coupled with your all food fortifier will be a welcome addition to our babies’ diet. On behalf of my four little buddies, we want to thank you for taking the time to care so much, that you put out such an amazing food, that clearly comes straight from the heart.

(Bullwinkle, Cinderella, Patches, and Niko too), NJ

testimonials_image_13We adopted our 4-month-old kitty “Cheeto” a few months ago and started him on Nature’s Logic cat food. We already have a cat on your wonderful food and were hoping our kitten could eat the same food. I was thrilled to find out that we would be able to feed the same food. With it being an all life stages food this saves us from buying two different foods. There are enough nutrients in your essential oils and fatty acids that are crucial to his developing system. He loves each of your diets (duck and salmon is his favorite) and is growing into a fine addition to our family. His coat is beautiful and we are once again thrilled that we don’t have to worry about shedding. The only thing we worry about is our older cat stealing his food! The canned diet is part of each meal as well.

Thank you once again Nature’s Logic for creating such a wonderful food that both my kitten and cat can share.

N.K., WI

testimonials_image_12I have been feeding Nature’s Logic now for 3 months, and all I can say is WOW! I have always fed other high quality dog foods such as O…… and I….. E…. but neither of those products come close to Nature’s Logic. My dogs’ coats have never been this soft and their stools are very firm, and they go a lot less. They play a lot more seem happier. My little girl Bonnie has some joint problems and Nature’s Logic seems to help a lot. Now I will never feed anything else. All I can say is try Nature’s Logic, and once you do, you will not feed anything else either. Thank you Nature’s Logic for making the best pet food on the planet

C. B. Jacksonville, NC

testimonials_image_10I’ve been feeding Nature’s Logic for over a year to my 3 year old labradoodle Timber, and 20 year old bichon Marcus. It is the best food I’ve ever fed my dogs. Having a young, big dog and a very old, small dog it was great to find a food that worked for both. The size of the kibble is small enough for Marcus who only has a few teeth left. He turned 20 last May and still has a thick beautiful coat and has no digestive problems! Timber was putting on weight on the dog food I had been using, but after switching to Nature’s Logic, he has trimmed down and has more energy. I feed the dry and canned, and they also love the treats! This is a dog food that works for all sizes and ages.

Sue — WI

testimonials_image_11We are happy to inform you that our dogs Montag & Nipmuc have been enjoying the Nature’s Logic lamb dry food for approximately 6 -7 weeks now and both are doing very well on it. Our Border Collie (10 years) has much more energy (he is now back to puppy levels of activity) and our 14 year old Collie – Rottweiler mix’s skin condition (dry, irritated skin) has improved greatly. He does not have as many frequent urination issues and both dogs’ digestion has improved greatly. Thank you for providing such a high quality dog food.

Petra (and four-legged friends)

testimonials_image_9Four-year-old Horse had earned the nickname “Stinkhead.” His face always smelled really awful, and was red all the time. His eyes were always bloodshot and irritated, with constant eye boogers. Horse’s body was always itchy, too.

Within days of switching to Nature’s Logic lamb, there was a noticeable difference in Horse. He was not as stinky, less itchy, red, and had fewer stools. After a month he looked like a different dog. I can’t believe what feeding him a quality dog food has done for him! He is a much happier bully now, and no longer has the nickname “Stinkhead.”

L.T., Putney, VT