sheltie testimonialsI began feeding Natures Logic to my 12yr old sheltie, Rea, about 4 months ago and just want you to know what a difference it has made for my girl. Prior to Natures Logic, she showed the signs of a 12yr old dog. Her eyes were not bright and she was starting to hunch around as if she was in pain when she walked. Since she has been on the food, it is like the clock has been turned backwards a couple years! She looks brighter and runs around like a 6 year old with me and the other dogs with no signs of any pain. Her teeth and breath have improved as well. This is the first food where I have seen such a difference in the overall health of my dogs! I have had shelties and collies for over 20 years and have done a lot of comparison of foods but never have seen as good of results as I am having now.

I also have new puppies that are on Natures Logic, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop. Thank you so much! I recommend Natures Logic to everyone I talk to about dogs!

Terri, N.E.

German Shepherd testimonialsMoose is a German Shepherd who was almost 20 pounds underweight and also had extremely loose stool. After feeding him two other premium foods, his coat improved but his stool did not and he only gained 2 pounds in 6 months. Any slight change in routine would give him diarrhea. But after about a week and a half on Nature’s Logic, Moose had a great stool. After 5 months he reached his ideal weight! His coat and stool still look perfect. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to finally find a food that he digests well, loves to eat, and looks great on. Thank you!

K.C., State College, PA

border collie/lab mix testimonialsI have been feeding Nature’s Logic to Laddie, my 2-year-old border collie/lab mix. Her coat is shiny and amazing and her “poop” is perfect! Not only does NL provide the nutrition she needs but she absolutely LOVES it! THANKS!

M.C., Jersey City, NJ

Hello! I have been feeding Natures Logic for over a year now to my 12 year old Kelpie, Maya. She loves your food, and she is moving and getting around the house better. She can now get in and out of my car without crying and hurting herself, and she is acting like she is 2 again. Maya’s coat and skin look AMAZING and I am beyond pleased with it. Being able to see her jump and move around again and play means the world to me. she loves the lamb formula and chicken formula.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for making this product and to everyone that works there, I have called a few times and I am so very pleased with the service I got. I will never feed anything else to my pets other than Natures Logic, thank you again for making a product that is healthy and that I can trust to my baby girl.

Kate & Maya

testimonials_image_4To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank you for having the best dog I have ever found. Attached is a photo of Notorious; my 100 pound Chocalate Lab who lives off your food. He suffers from many allergies and the more expensive foods upset his stomach, so notorious and his parents thank you.


Collie testimonialsMy Collie, Tyler, was born blind in one eye (born without a retina) and also born a seizure dog. He had his first cluster of seizures in his foster home at the age of 10 weeks. I adopted him from Tri State Collie rescue when he was 4.5 mos old. Tyler is now 4.5 yrs old. We knew Tyler had a compromised immune system and most likely came from a backyard breeder so I wanted to make sure I provided him with the best of care on all levels. My holistic vet and traditional vet worked with me and he was on immune support supplements (human grade) but had to go on Phenobarbitol three weeks after he came home because of seizing. When Tyler was 3 yrs old I learned about Nature’s Logic food and switched all my dogs over to Nature’s Logic dry kibble Duck and Salmon and Nature’s Logic canned lamb as a “topper”, I could see a change with all of my dogs but Tyler’s story is remarkable. He went the longest without a seizure….30 days shy of ONE YEAR….after being on Nature’s Logic. Prior to being on Nature’s Logic he would seize several times a month and, at best, every 2-3 months. Although he has had some breakthrough “episodes” from time to time, they are less intense and of shorter duration lasting only seconds compared to 10-15 minutes and he comes out of them faster and without any disorientation or other problems. It’s as if his body is able to fend them off and he bounces right back. Prior to Nature’s Logic I was feeding another premium, high end food but I now know that all premium foods are not created equal. Even with “the best of foods” some are better than others, especially for special needs dogs that need the very best in nutrition to help them overcome any disorders they have. I’m a firm believer that the “clean” food he is getting without synthetic vitamins and minerals are what have contributed to this dramatic change. Seizure dogs are touchy when it comes to foods and preservatives and artificial things in their diet. I am grateful for having such a good food available to me for my furkids and Tyler is also very grateful to Nature’s Logic!


testimonials_image_2Thanks so much and just wanted to say that your food has cured my kitten of his horrible diarrhea…which has been an ongoing issue for 3 months!! Never thought I would be so excited to see a normal bowel movement! Lol

Thanks for making a fantastic and healthy food, J.


testimonials_image_1Dear Nature’s Logic Folks,

Just a quick note to tell you that I was so excited to see the new formulation on my latest bag of Nature’s Logic Venison Fare for dogs!!!

NO Chicken!! NO Egg!!! I have a 4-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog with a sensitivity to chicken – or any poultry. Finding a quality food without any in it – including egg – is really tough.

I am normally a raw feeder, but sometimes need a kibble I can fall back on – and there are NONE that I felt comfortable feeding except yours. So, from time to time I would feed your kibble to my boy, but even the small amount of chicken had effects on him. My other dogs had no problem. So for him, I was always searching and would generally resort to canned food (that’s a lot of $$$ for a 125 pounder) if I had to.

NOW, though, thanks to this new formulation, I can feed him the BEST KIBBLE ON THE MARKET and feel good, knowing we won’t have any dry skin, itchy ears, or pimply chin!! THANK YOU!! Obviously, I hope this formula remains chicken-free for a LONG TIME!!


R.R, J & K

cat4I was attempting to switch my dogs to your brand, due to the quality ingredients as well as the fact that you don’t use potatoes in your products. I had already eliminated chicken, wheat, corn and soy foods from their diets, but my Maltese’ allergies continued to plague them.

At first my Maltese wouldn’t eat your kibble, so I thought they just didn’t like the lamb formulation that I started them on. I had my local PetSuppliesPlus order in a bag of venison kibble, but had the same results. Then I tried your suggestion…..I wet the kibble, and it worked! Now they can’t wait for me to put the bowls down for them to get to.

Best of all, my 10 year old is no longer chewing her paws or scratching at her ears, and her eight year old daughter no longer has that nasty rash. And their coats look fantastic! I am totally convinced that my dogs are allergic to potatoes, both sweet potatoes and white potatoes, and you are the first quality dog food company I’ve found that does not include these products in your kibble.

I just began the third bag of your food, and I can tell you that you now have a devoted customer for life. I am grateful to you for all the help and advice you offered. I recommend your dog food to everyone I know who has a pet! Thank you.


I have show dogs and they love your dry kibble. We show American Staffordshire Terriers. Recently got a new pup, she is 9 weeks, we feed the all stages and she is doing great. We fed puppy Orijen dog food to our last pup and he developed Pano which I feel was due to the very high protein, within 3 weeks off that food he was fine. I just love the smell of your food with a little warm water. We go between proteins, vension, lamb, etc. Keep up the good work.