Hello, I just wanted to share our story about how we discovered your products. About two short months after bringing our perfect little guy into our family, he was having severe GI upset issues. He could not hold his food down after eating and drinking and had terrible nights with very upset tummies. After a month of antibiotics and various testing, Hatteras was diagnosed with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). This meant that any food that was somewhat high in fat would trigger an overgrowth of bacteria in his small intestines causing swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, and pain. Worst of all, this whole experience left our pup avoiding both food and water. We were at a loss. What do you feed a puppy that can’t have very much fat in his diet? So we began researching and looking for a quality food that was full of nutrients, low fat, AND high in calories for a growing puppy. This is when we discovered Nature’s Logic Canine Sardine Meal Feast.

From day one our little guy loves the smell of this food and it got him to start eating regularly again. A few weeks later, he returned to normal water habits. We were so excited to see our little guy start to put on some weight. Three and a half years later, and a 3rd place finish at the 2017 DockDogs World Championships, Hatteras is still eating Canine Sardine Meal Feast and still loving it! Team A Shore Thing is proud to feed Nature’s Logic.

Best Wishes,
Hatteras, Nantucket, Jenny Jackson & Bobby Laird

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