Alternative to Diets Adding Synthetic Vitamin D

To All Nature’s Logic Customers:
Re: Vitaminosis – Poisoning by Vitamins

The news has been full of recalls lately about certain pet diets containing toxic levels of Vitamin D. You can Google any one of hundreds of news articles about it due to this recall being so massive in the number of brands, and tonnage of food on the shelves containing up to 70 times over the safe amount. Here is just one:

For 12 years now, Nature’s Logic has quietly been offering its brand that is made up of 100% whole foods and natural ingredients which supply 100% of all essential nutrients resulting in not having to add any man-made synthetic vitamins or minerals. One of the many synthetic vitamins we do not add is Vitamin D3, also known as Cholecalciferol. It is this excessively added chemical form of this vitamin that is resulting in the recalls.

First, no Nature’s Logic diets are recalled because we do not even use or add any form of synthetic Vitamin D. The natural Vitamin D in our foods comes from natural food ingredients like liver, fish, egg, and mushroom. It is the same way our foods provide every nutrient. We use foods that naturally contain all the essential nutrients which is the way Nature intended us to get our nutrients.

What is this added synthetic Vitamin D3 used in just about every dog food and is the reason for the recalls? Vitamin D is not a real vitamin. It is just called a vitamin to make it easy to market. It is actually a synthetic hormone mainly produced from the product of sheep grease expressed from lamb wool. Sheep secrete lanolin through their glands to help protect their wool coats from the environment by making them water-resistant. This sheep-secreted-gland-grease not only protects the wool coats of sheep – it also contains the Vitamin D used in the production of the vast majority of artificially manufactured Vitamin D supplements on the market today. Vitamin D is extracted from sheep’s wool by squeezing or rolling the wool until it excretes a yellow and waxy substance – sheep grease. After which it is heavily processed and concentrated with synthetic chemicals until it’s consolidated into what is called Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol.

When it is sold commercially to companies to use to make into supplement tablets, capsules or for adding into human, animal and pet food, accompanying the order is also a required Material Safety Data Sheet, better known as an MSDS. This is an OSHA required document that lists information relating to occupational safety and health for the use of various substances and products. Here is the link to a MSDS for Vitamin D3. Be sure and read Sections 3 and 11.

There are also other uses of Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol. It is the main effective ingredient in numerous rat poisons. Here is a Google search link to see the many brands of Vitamin D rat poisons. I shall not comment further on this.

Here is a little history of Vitamin D3 pet food recalls which you can find on the FDA website. Since Nature’s Logic launched its products in 2006 containing no added synthetic Vitamin D3 or any added synthetic supplements there have been over 200 diets recalled due to vitaminosis. As a matter of fact, the month Nature’s Logic was launched, a major national and international brand announced one of two back to back recalls of a number of its diets with excessive Vitamin D3 which was causing hypercalcemia and death in many pets. Go forward another 4 or 5 years and another national brand recalled millions of pounds of pet food due to excessive vitamin D3 due to a valve malfunction during production. Go forward to about 2012 or 2013 and another major national brand recalled dozens of its exotic feeds due to excessive Vitamin D3 which caused much sickness and death in pets. And again, today this current recall just keeps growing and causing much concern among consumers.

Not only have there been recalls and incidents due to excessive Vitamin D3, there was the excessive doses of a vitamin/mineral mixture given to a dozen polo horses in Florida which killed every horse, due to the dose containing an excessive form of selenium called sodium selenite. This form of man-made selenium is also in most pet foods that add synthetic vitamin/mineral packs.

So, we are sharing with all concerned customers who contact us this information. There is a safe alternative that will never have in its bag an excessive dose of some synthetic vitamin like D3 or mineral like sodium selenite because we do not add a synthetic vitamin/mineral pack to any of our foods or supplements. Nature’s Logic only uses safe and wholesome food ingredients to supply the nutrients and then substantiates the diets using AAFCO Protocol All Life Stage Feeding Trials.

I only hope that yet another recall causing vitaminosis will solidify the fact that feeding our pets a whole food diet which supplies all they need from food only is the best and always the safest way to provide for our pets.

At Nature’s Logic, we like to say that Nature creates the food, and we just add the bag.

Scott Freeman
Founder & Owner