It‘s Time For Nature’s Logic

Nature’s Logic is truly different – it’s the first and only full line of 100% all-natural diets with NO synthetic vitamins.

 All the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs come from food, not from a synthetic vitamin/mineral pack. 

Other “natural” foods have a great big “but” – they say “all natural, BUT, with added vitamins. 

Nature’s Logic is 100% all-natural for pets. Instead of adding synthetic vitamin D, we use natural D sources such as fish, egg, and mushrooms grown in Pennsylvania. 

We’re on a mission to apply the logic of nature to everything we touch. 100% natural food for our pets, and 100% natural energy to power our office, to make our bags, to manufacture our kibble. 

Now we’re proud to introduce Distinction. 

Whole meat is the first ingredient. 

It’s legume-free, with ancient grain millet that is non-GMO and gluten-free. No peas or potatoes.

Rich in natural taurine that comes from the chicken, pork, beef or sardine. 

And of course, 100% natural with NO synthetic vitamins. 

Distinction can only be purchased at independent pet specialty stores, where you can really learn about the benefits of 100% natural nutrition. 

When you see recalls for vitamin D overdoses…

When you see overdose warnings on vitamin bottles…

When you see millennials focused on health and sustainability…

When you see the FDA announcing links between grain-free  and canine heart problems…

It’s time to get our nutrients from food, not from synthetics. 

It’s time to apply the logic of nature.

It’s time for Nature’s Logic