At Last, Grain-free Done Right

A Natural, Logical Approach to Grain-Free. As a company that’s known for our 100% natural and grain-inclusive kibble products, Nature’s Logic recently made an unexpected product announcement: Nature’s Logic Grain-Free kibble for dogs. 

This move made many in the pet industry turn their heads. After a 2019 FDA report suggested a possible link between grain-free canine diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs, confusion and panic erupted around grain-free diets. Worried pet owners flocked to their veterinarians and pet stores wanting answers. Was grain-free safe? Should I switch my dog’s food? What do I do if my dog can’t eat grains? 

During that time, many veterinarians and pet retail associates turned to Nature’s Logic as a solid recommendation for pet owners looking for a premium, grain-inclusive diet option. A 100% natural food with no synthetic ingredients, Nature’s Logic was and still is a great choice for pet owners seeking a heart-healthy diet that’s high in natural taurine. 

So, as a pet food that has benefitted from people suddenly shying away from grain-free food, why would Nature’s Logic now wade into the murky waters of grain-free? 

“We know some pets truly do require a grain-free diet,” our CEO, David Yaskulka explains. “We have the unique benefit of being able to take what’s great about our original grain-inclusive diets and applying that to a grain-free formula,” he explains. “That’s 100% natural ingredients with NO synthetic vitamins or minerals. Our grain-free is, like all of our diets, high in animal protein so it’s high in natural taurine and methionine-cystine. And, perhaps most importantly, we don’t replace the grains with high glycemic substitutes like potatoes, peas, or other legumes like chickpeas or soybeans.”

Yaskulka explains how we at Nature’s Logic watched for years as grain-free diets flooded the market and some consumers became conditioned to believe that grain-free diets were superior. Yet it wasn’t necessarily the case. 

“The problem with many grain-free diets is that manufacturers began using cheaper ingredients to replace the grains,” says Scott Freeman, our founder.  “The first grain-free kibble diets on the market, back over a decade ago, were high quality and nutritious. Then, as the market grew and became competitive, price became a factor which was reflected in the ingredients. High glycemic ingredients like lentils and potatoes started to replace the grains and that’s when, we believe, the problems started.” 

Many manufacturers that have enjoyed the popularity of their grain-free diets are now rushing to add grain-inclusive options to their line. But Freeman says that’s not the answer. “The issue there is that you can’t just add grain to a diet and that will magically mitigate the issues with some of the grain-free diets on the market,” he cautions. “The problem isn’t grain or no grain. The problem is with the other ingredients used to replace the grains or added to make the diet more cost-effective.” 

Here at Nature’s Logic, we want consumers to know it’s absolutely possible to have a high-quality, heart-healthy, grain-free diet. And we’ve created it. While we believe most pets benefit from healthy grains in their diet, there are some who don’t. For them, Nature’s Logic Grain-Free is a logical, natural solution.