Nature’s Logic Named a Top 20 Most Sustainable Brand

Nature’s Logic is thrilled to be designated an accredited Top-20 Sustainable Brand by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC)’s Positive Impact Program. 

Being a top-20 accredited sustainable brand by the PSC means we’re counted among leading sustainability-minded companies that integrate environmental and social practices that benefit pets, people and the planet! 

We know our consumers deeply care about sustainable products and business practices. That’s why this designation is so important to us. 

Through a series of specific and rigorous metrics – ranging from use of renewable energy to how a company treats their employees —PSC’s accreditation requires the completion of a third-party global sustainability assessment and is verified by PSC’s experts. 

Some of the cool things we’re implementing that helped us achieve this honor: 

  • Our Clean Food, Clean Energy program means that for every pound of food we sell, we purchase 1 kWh of renewable energy to help power the future! 
  • Our headquarters is powered with 100% renewable energy, and so is the manufacturing of our dry food and bags.
  • Nature’s Logic’s complete Distinction™ line is packaged in Certified Plastic Neutral bags, the first in the pet industry. 
  • And, our latest diet, Distinction™ Grain-Free, contains MSC certified seafood. 

In addition, we invest a substantial portion of our marketing budget into supporting environmental non-profits and working with influencers in the environmental, wellness and sustainability categories. 

Nature’s Logic philanthropy is also aligned with its mission, having recently launched the Nature’s Voice Awards, aimed to amplify the voice and impact of sustainability non-profits and advocates across the globe.

We are so excited about being recognized and can’t wait to reveal new ways we’re positively impacting our environment. Stay tuned!