Independence Day is a day for celebration, fun, and fireworks. However, your pet might not feel the same way. Fireworks are very loud and can cause severe anxiety or fear in your dog or cat. Here are some safety tips you can follow before the festivities begin. In fact, be ready with these tactics a few days before and a few days after the 4th. There always seems to be someone out there who wants to start the celebration early and keep it going as long as possible.

Many factors can contribute to dry, itchy skin for pets – age, diet, disease, weather and more. If your pet suffers from skin ailments, you know it can be taxing on their overall well-being.

Easy Frozen Bone Broth Treat Recipe
Want a fun way to get more moisture into your pup’s diet? Try our frozen Bone Broth treat recipe. It’s a delicious way to add flavor and hydration to your pet’s diet. Plus, your dog (or cat!) will love it!
Here’s what you will need:

He loves your food and so do my 2 rescue dogs. Tino and Rocco are 5 now. They were 3-months old when we got them from a rescue group that saved them from a Kentucky kill shelter. Bob came from a shelter, too.