Non Profit Spotlight: Montana Renewable Energy Association

At Nature’s Logic, our mission is to apply the logic of nature to everything we touch. This means creating 100% natural pet food and being a voice for sustainability. It also means supporting the important work of non-profits across the nation who are dedicated to protecting our planet. 

One group we support is the Montana Renewable Energy Association, a membership-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000. They are made up of businesses, individuals, families, and advocates dedicated to expanding Montana’s use of renewable energy in order to conserve natural resources, create jobs, and increase the independence and resilience of our communities. 

Their mission is to expand the use of renewable energy in Montana, to affect public policy in favor of renewable energy, and to educate and inform the residents of Montana of the benefits and uses of renewable energy. Our focus is on-site and community-scale renewable energy such as solar electricity, solar hot water, and small wind generation.

Along with supporting MREA, we’ve also recently joined forces with one of our retail partners in Montana, Dee-o-Gee, to convert their stores to 100% renewable electricity as part of our Clean Food, Clean Energy program!

To support the Montana Renewable Energy Association with a $5 donation AND to get a free 4.4 lb bag of Nature’s Logic Distinction at Dee-o-Gee, click here to get a coupon! For every coupon redeemed at Dee-o-Gee, we’ll donate $5 to MREA!