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In 2005, Nature’s Logic founder, Scott Freeman, started developing the concept for a pet food focusing on the benefits of whole food nutrition without the use of added synthetic supplements which are widely used in the pet food industry to meet the nutritional analytical levels of dog and cat foods.

One company and a long time veterinarian friend had similar approaches to nutrition but mainly in the realm of supplements. Their work and vision made a lasting impression on Scott to see if it was possible to do complete pet diets with the same rationale of providing all essential nutrients from whole foods rather than depending on synthetics to easily and cheaply meet nutritional requirements.

In late 2005 the first test batches of Nature’s Logic were created and by January 2006 some of the first product was being retailed in the USA.

Since nothing like this had ever been created, Scott sent the dry dog and cat food for AAFCO feeding trials to have them substantiated for All Life Stages. They passed without any problems and since then the canine canned and raw diets have also been substantiated for All Life Stages.

The ultimate goal of Nature’s Logic is to provide the most nutritious and safest product that people can feel good about feeding their canine and feline family.

We occupied an office in the top level of the Historic Dawes House in Lincoln, NE. Built in 1885, it eventually became the home of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Charles Gates Dawes.

Our Leadership Team

Caroline Golon

Vice President, Marketing

Caroline joined Nature’s Logic as Vice President, Marketing following 12 years of experience in the pet industry in marketing, social media, PR and more for both large and small pet brands and non-profit organizations. Her experience in marketing spans across 25 years in both consumer marketing and b-b initiatives in a wide variety of industries. Caroline lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, daughters, two big mutts and a gang of Persian cats.


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A Satisfied Nature’s Logic Customer

"When we read the ingredients on Nature's Logic Lamb Meal Feast we were highly impressed!"


“I am a HUGE believer in whole food vitamins and supplements. I NEVER thought I would find a dog food supporting this same concept.”


“My year old golden retriever got really sick about a month ago… Nature’s Logic was the first food she was willing to touch in weeks!”

Chicken Meal Feast

“It’s great to be able to feed them Nature’s Logic dry – without the cheap fillers and additives and, at the same time, know that they benefit from so many healthy ingredients.”

Rabbit Meal Feast

“My cats LOVE your Rabbit Meal Feast kibble. They now won’t eat anything else–other kibbles sit in the bowl untouched.”

Rabbit Meal Feast

Now he is much calmer and content and seems much more loving towards his owner. Neither she nor I could believe the change in his personality!

Sardine Meal Feast

“It is now 7 months since I switched my West Highland Terrier to your Sardine Meal Feast variety. I am writing to tell you personally how extremely pleased we are with Nature’s Logic and what a difference it has made.”

Lamb Meal Feast

“I’m impressed with the ingredients and nutrition – since he can’t read, I assume he’s just appreciating the taste.”


“I have already noticed a huge change in him and he has almost stopped throwing up all together!”


“Now that he is on Nature’s Logic he consistently eats 2 meals per day, his coat is soft and shiny, and he looks vibrant.”


“She has been on natural foods but yours is the best by far that agrees with her stomach.”

Lamb and Venison Canned and Dry

“Best canned food I’ve ever bought.”


“Now that I’m feeding Nature’s Logic, I have seen dramatic changes in my dogs.”

Anonymous & Sophie
Chicken Meal Feast Dog

“I feel so good about doing everything I can to promote Sophie’s long term health.”

Anonymous & Stella
Venison Meal Feast

“The variety is a huge plus for her and the whole logic behind the food is what sold us.”

Lamb Meal Feast

“I am so pleased with your kibble – having come from a strictly raw diet, I could not be more pleased by what I have seen.”


“Our senior Pom, who was a picky eater, was diagnosed by our vet as having Alopecia. Since having her on Nature’s Logic she is a whole new dog!”


"Nature’s Logic has made me at peace with feeding my dogs."

Duck & Salmon Meal Feast

“This product is the best. I see such a difference in his overall health, and the shiniest coat. Personally, I will stay with this product for the life of my dogs.”


“I wanted a food that would be easy on his stomach. This food has helped with that issue.”

Claudia and Graham

"We couldn’t seem to find a food that didn’t make Graham itch, until we came across Nature’s Logic."

D.D & C.D. & Xena
Chicken Meal Feast

I slowly introduced it into her food, and she LOVES it! She dropped weight, she is not shedding as much, and has more energy. I truly believe this dog food will extend the life of my dogs.

D.S and Snickers

“Snickers loves this food and her coat is even better!”


"I was on a journey to find a food my dog could tolerate since she was tested with so many food allergies. We finally tried the Sardine Nature’s Logic and BINGO! It was a success right away."


“We’ve been on your food for 6 months now, and he is still yeast-free. Our vet is very impressed with your food.”

Emma and Doc Holiday

"After switching to Nature's Logic, we noticed change very quickly. Now, he rarely ever gets stomach upset… The results speak for themselves."

Evonne and Charlie
Sardine Meal Feast

“No more itching! Charlie is now a happy and healthy Schnauzer thanks to Nature’s Logic.”

Faith & Sophie

"Sophie was abandoned at three weeks old. She had worms and giardia. It was vital that she get the nourishment she needed. I knew Nature's Logic would give that to her. She is 7 months old now and thriving."

Harry & Anonymous
Beef Meal Feast

“I did a long slow transition to your Beef Meal Feast Kibble and it has been wonderful! … I can’t believe I have options that contain NONE of the ingredients he reacts to!”

Heather and Pal

Earlier this year, I switched Pal to Nature’s Logic. I feel good knowing that he’s eating quality food, and he enjoys it too!

Holly & Nigel

“My 14 year old cat was diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. I tried Nature’s Logic and he is so much better!”

J.H – Minnesota

“Our groomer cannot believe how fabulous our dog’s coat is with no special supplements.”


“The owner of the store suggested I try your food, so I did. Since then my dogs have a lot more energy, and their coats are actually sparkling.”

Janet & German Shepherds

“In three short weeks, I have seen amazing results – shiny coats, increased energy levels, and they seem to be more relaxed while resting.”

Jenny, Bobby and Hatteras

"He was having severe GI upset issues...we discovered Nature’s Logic Canine Sardine Meal Feast... and it got him to start eating regularly again."

Jordan, Ellie, Molly and Kimbo

“I constantly get compliments on their shiny fur now and how they are all at perfect weight.”

Katie and Jude

"It was a struggle to find a food that wouldn’t pass right through him and cause his stomach pains. Then, uppopped Nature’s Logic! Nothing synthetic... my dog THRIVES on it!"

Katie M.

“We’ve gotten so many compliments about how soft & healthy their coats feel. And we credit it all to the food they eat.”

L.K. and Oreo
Rabbit Meal Feast

“Our vet went on and on about how soft and healthy my cat was and I know it is the result of healthy food.”

Laura and Ivy

“I was amazed that no matter which protein I put in front of Ivy, she ate it! All of it!”

Laura M. and Eddie

We had always been hesitant to switch Eddie’s food due to his stomach issues. He’s been eating Nature’s Logic for the past 4 months... and is doing fantastic!

Leah & Puccini

"I feel good feeding that has good ingredients and minimal synthetic vitamins"


“They are happy, full of energy and most of all healthy. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Lisa and Playdoh

After doing extensive online research, I took a chance with your food... I have seen a HUGE improvement in Playdoh’s coat, his activity levels, and his weight.

M.R. and Coach
Lamb Meal Feast

“I show and hunt German Wirehaired Pointers. They require superior nutrition due to their rigorous activities and we have definitely found that in Nature’s Logic.”

Marley, Max, Keira & Cameron Timberlake

“All three of my pups have been on Nature’s Logic for over a year now and no stomach problems!”

Rabbit Meal Feast

“I am convinced that without your wholesome diet she would not have lived long…Thank you for keeping inappropriate ingredients out of your foods!”

Rabbit Meal Feast

“Your dry Feline Rabbit Meal Feast is a huge hit with my cats.”

Robert & Bayli
Beef Meal Feast

“I was beginning to think that maybe her stomach simply couldn’t handle dry kibble.  I found Nature’s Logic Beef Meal Feet…she absolutely loves it!”

Rose and CeCe

“Her coat cleared up, her need to drink huge amounts of water and need to pee a lot all went away.”

Sonja and Charlie

“He loves the food and does not seem to get tired of the same flavor.”

Store Management, San Antonio, TX

“My dogs are doing wonderful… and they love it!”

Sue and Buckwheat

"I feel good feeding a food that has good ingredients and minimal synthetic vitamins."

Sunday & Karen

"One day a rep from Nature's Logic suggested I try the Rabbit kibble. Not only did she eat it, but her hair grew back, she started to gain weight and she had more energy and just seemed happier."

The Hollis Family & Shelby, Rausch, Winston and Bentley General Dogs

“They are nonstop and everyone is so healthy and strong and it’s all because of Nature’s Logic!”


“Their ear infections gone, great coats and bright eyes are now what I see.”