How to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water

How to Get Your Dog To Drink More Water

If you notice your pup avoiding their water bowl, it may be cause for some concern. Adequate water intake is essential for your dog’s health. Luckily, you can use a few simple strategies to keep your pet hydrated. Curious how to get your dog to drink more water? Explore our go-to hydration tips below. 

Importance of Canine Hydration

Dogs, like us, have a significant portion of their bodies composed of water, making hydration crucial for their overall well being. There’s many benefits of proper hydration for dogs, including:

  • Boosting Nutrient Absorption: Water acts as a transportation system in your dog’s body, helping to deliver important nutrients to each cell. When your dog is consuming the amount of water they need, it helps keep your dog healthy and strong.
  • Promoting Healthy Digestion: Proper hydration in dogs helps their bodies break down food into smaller pieces and produces helpful enzymes, promoting healthy digestion.
  • Supporting Weight Management: Drinking enough water helps dogs feel full and satisfied, making it easier for them to maintain a healthy weight by reducing overeating or excessive snacking.
  • Promoting Healthy Digestion: Helping keep the digestive system running smoothly, water helps regulate bowel movements. 
  • Maintaining Temperature Regulation: Dogs primarily cool their bodies through panting, which releases heat and water. A properly hydrated pup may have an easier time staying cool in hot weather. 
  • Boosting Skin & Coat Health: Proper water intake promotes hydrated skin and a moisturized coat. 
  • Supporting Joint Health: Water helps keep joints lubricated, reducing the risk of joint problems.

How Much Water Should a Dog Drink?

The amount of water dogs should drink can vary, depending on a variety of factors, including their size, activity level, overall health, and environment. However, vets generally recommend one ounce of water per pound of your dog’s body weight. For example, a five pound chihuahua will typically require 5 ounces of water a day. While a 70lb lab usually requires around 70 ounces of water per day. To better understand the best hydration protocol for your pup, speak with your veterinarian. 

Strategies to Increase Your Dog’s Hydration

Add Bone Broth to Meals 

While canned dog food offers added moisture to your pet at meal times, kibble does not. Adding Nature’s Logic’s Dehydrated Bone Broth to dry kibble at meals is a simple way to boost hydration while also providing nutritional benefits, like collagen and amino acids. To determine how much bone broth is right for your dog, check out our serving guidelines or talk with your vet.

Have Multiple Bowls Around Your Home 

Encourage your dog to drink more water by having multiple water bowls placed in various areas both inside and outside of house where your dog spends time. This way, water is always conveniently accessible to them no matter where they are. Remember to refill the bowls regularly with fresh, clean water.

Buy a Canine Drinking Fountain

While having a water bowl in every room can encourage your pet to drink more, finicky drinkers may need a little extra persuasion. The running water in dog water fountains may grab the attention of some dogs, making water more exciting and luring them to drink more. 

Create Frozen Treats 

A fun way to increase your dog’s hydration is by creating frozen treats. Use bone broth or mix water with some of your dog’s favorite flavors, like dog-friendly fruits or vegetables, and pour the mixture into ice cube trays or special treat molds. 

Pop them in the freezer until they solidify then serve them to your pet. Some dogs may prefer devouring a treat over making a stop at their water bowl, so these icy delights can be a great way to boost their water intake! Check out some simple frozen treat recipes here.

Bring Water With You 

When you leave the house with your dog, remember to bring water and a portable water bowl with you. This is especially important when it’s hot out or if your dog will be exercising!

Talk With Your Vet

If you’re worried about your dog’s hydration, chat with your veterinarian. They can provide personalized advice based on your dog’s specific needs to help them increase their water intake.

The Hack to Hydration

Proper hydration supports a variety of functions in your pet’s body, so it’s important that they get plenty of opportunities to consume water throughout the day. Curious where you can find Nature’s Logic bone broth for a little added hydration? Check out our store locator. 

Cheers to a hydrated and healthy dog!