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“My AGCH MACH3 PACH2 Jusdandy Man In Motion (Torrey) has been eating a seasonally rotated diet of Venison Meal Feast and Rabbit since the day I brought him home at 10 weeks old. This is Torrey at 10 1/2 years old, still going strong and looking beautiful.

“As someone who is into health, nutrition, and fitness myself, I know the hidden/unknown side effects of taking synthetic supplements in the long term. If I won’t do it to myself, I definitely want to protect my kitty from any potential processed or artificial food additives!

“Last January, I transitioned her to Nature’s Logic fully, with help from your awesome customer service manager, Deb! Wynonna is still doing great with the food! She has her moments but for the most part she eats once or twice a day. She’s on a rotational diet of dry food: Chicken Meal Feast, Turkey Meal Feast and Duck & Salmon Meal Feast. I think Turkey is her favorite. ..

“She’s super cuddly, smart and loves learning tricks, but is working to overcome her anxiety when going to new places. Treats definitely help! We love your dry food. We normally buy the 25lb bag, but we recently bought this one to try out the distinction line. I searched for a long time for a super clean dry food that didn’t have lots of fillers and such…so happy to have found your brand!

He has lots more energy now and has much fewer skin problems since we started Natures Logic. I heard about you guys from my service dog trainer and his vet…..He is aging magnificently due to this product and best of all he loves all of the Nature’s Logic formulas.”

My sister Shirley and I adopted our rescue dog Bentley when he was a year old (he will be 9 years old in a few months). My sister saw a Dandie-Poo that caught her eye at an adoption event in front of Murphy’s Paw pet store in Pleasanton, CA. We returned the following weekend and adopted sweet Bentley.