Pet of the Month March 2023

Yoyo Cat is the Nature’s Logic Pet of the Month for March. Here is what her mom, Stella S., had to say about the 2-year-old domestic shorthair cat:

“As someone who is into health, nutrition, and fitness myself, I know the hidden/unknown side effects of taking synthetic supplements in the long term. If I won’t do it to myself, I definitely want to protect my kitty from any potential processed or artificial food additives!

All I want to say is thank you for providing a safe and healthy substitute different from those regular commercial cat cans for my kitty. As soon as I opened the rabbit feast can, Yoyo couldn’t wait for a second but scarfed the meal!! I’ve never seen him reach the bottom of the bowl in the past. But thankfully your food doesn’t include sticky guar gum so Yoyo can easily lick the last bit of residue in the bowl.

I’m so happy to see my cat thriving with this food, and I swear by your brand. I couldn’t wait to come back to my local pet food (Pet Supply) shops to buy more flavors for Yoyo to try out!”

Thank you, Stella for contacting us and sharing Yoyo’s story!

Check out Yoyo’s Nature’s Logic reel on Instagram.