Pet Safety Tips for July 4th

Independence Day is a day for celebration, fun and fireworks. However, your pet might not feel the same way. Fireworks are very loud and can cause severe anxiety or fear in your dog or cat. Here are some safety tips you can follow before the festivities begin. In fact, be ready with these tactics a few days before and a few days after the 4th. There always seems to be someone out there who wants to start the celebration early and keep it going as long as possible.

  1. Keep your pet inside. If you aren’t going to be home, be sure to keep your pet in a safe and secure location like their kennel or designate a part of the house where they cannot escape. Many dogs get so frightened that they go into flight mode.
  2. Make sure tags and microchips are up-to-date. If your pet does run away, a current tag and microchip help get your pet back home. Many times, pet parents move and forget to make these changes. Tags are especially important because they will help someone immediately identify your dog or cat and get them home safe to you quickly.
  3. Stay with your pet. Your pet will feel a lot better if they are not alone. If you are not able to stay with them, you can hire a pet sitter for the night to make sure they are more comfortable and at ease.
  4. Tune out the fireworks as best as you can. Closing the windows and blinds can help ease your pet’s anxiety. Turn on the fan and AC to add some noise. In addition, you can turn up the music or watch a movie to help distract your anxious furbaby. It can be a great night to just watch TV and chill!
  5. Give your pet a toy for distraction. You can fill up a Kong with your pet’s favorite treats. Here’s an example of a Kong filled with Nature’s Logic dog biscuits and peanut butter.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!