Proper Pet Food Storage

Are you storing your pet’s kibble correctly?

Maybe you’ve never put a lot of thought into this but how you store your pet’s food is an important factor in how long it stays fresh after you open it.

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners make with pet kibble storage is pouring it out of its original packaging into a storage container.

Here’s why:

  • Pet food bags are made specifically to maintain freshness. Let your pet food bag do its job!
  • Pouring dry pet food out of its bag into a plastic container, for example, exposes the food to air, light, moisture and heat, which causes nutrients to break down faster. Pet food should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place (like the bag it comes in!)
  • Keeping the bag on hand gives you access to critical product information like nutritional details, feeding guidelines, ingredients and more. This can help you regulate feeding amounts if needed. Or, should your pet have any health issues, your veterinarian will want to know what food you are feeding your pet and information about ingredients so she can rule out diet-related issues or sensitivities.
  • Lifting out the empty bag and replacing it will be much easier than cleaning out the container each time you add a new bag of kibble (which, let’s be honest, most folks aren’t likely to do).

In short, keeping the kibble in the bag AND putting that into a storage container is ideal – now you have two containers to keep your pet’s food fresh!

One final note on kibble storage:

To keep your pet’s kibble as fresh and nutritious as possible we recommend feeding it within 2 months after opening. If it takes longer than that to get through a bag, we suggest buying a smaller bag to ensure your pet is getting the freshest, safest and heathiest food possible.

Pro tip! Take a sharpie and write the date you opened it on the bag.

Pet food, just like human food, can go stale and rancid if not stored properly. It can taste bad or, even worse, make your pet sick.

Use good common sense, follow these guidelines and you and your pet will stay safe and happy!