Feline Can: Rabbit Wet Cat Food | Nature’s Logic


Rabbit, Water Sufficient For Processing, Pork Liver, Dried Egg Product, Montmorillonite Clay, Porcine Plasma, Herring Oil (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols), Brewers Dried Yeast, Egg Shell Meal, Dried Apple, Dried Apricot, Alfalfa Meal, Dried Artichoke, Dried Blueberry, Dried Broccoli, Dried Carrot, Dried Chicory Root, Dried Cranberry, Dried Kelp, Parsley, Dried Pumpkin, Rosemary, Dried Spinach, Dried Tomato

What’s Inside

100% All-Natural

Free of Common Allergens

No Synthetic Vitamins or Minerals


Feed according to the age, size, and activity of your cat. Feed at room temperature and refrigerate unused portion. Your cat should always have access to clean, fresh water. Adult: Feed about ¾ a can per 6-8 lbs. of body weight per day.  Kitten: Feed up to twice the adult amount. Gestation & Lactation: Feed up to three times the normal adult amount.

Protein, Fat & Amino AcidsActual Analysis Units Dry Matter Basis
Protein54.4 %
Fat24.4 %
Fiber0.80 %
Arginine3.01 %
Histidine1.46 %
Isoleucine2.07 %
Leucine3.85 %
Methionine-cystine2.79 %
Phenylalanine-tyrosine4.97 %
Threonine2.18 %
Trytophan0.83 %
Valine2.75 %
MineralsActual Analysis Units Dry Matter Basis
Calcium1.37 %
Phosphorus1.09 %
Potassium0.81 %
Sodium0.67 %
Chloride0.57 %
Magnesium0.10 %
Iron491 mg/kg
Copper11.6 mg/kg
Manganese37.9 mg/kg
Zinc91.6 mg/kg
Iodine0.08 mg/kg
Selenium0.29 mg/kg
Vitamins & OtherActual Analysis Units Dry Matter Basis
Vitamin A120955.75 IU/kg
Vitamin D348.21 IU/kg
Vitamin E33.09 IU/kg
Thiamine4.98 mg/kg
Riboflavin18.73 mg/kg
Pantothenic Acid55.80 mg/kg
Niacin139.90 mg/kg
Pyridoxine10.12 mg/kg
Folic acid1.40 mg/kg
Vitamin B120.42 mg/kg
Choline3980.35 mg/kg
Carbs4.80 %
Ash11.5 %