Sardine Meal Feast
“It is now 7 months since I switched my West Highland Terrier to your Sardine Meal Feast variety. I am writing to tell you personally how extremely pleased we are with Nature’s Logic and what a difference it has made.”

My Westie had several issues including skin allergies, elevated liver enzyme ALKP, IBD, anal gland problems, and as of last October, diabetes. She is almost 12-years-old. Since 2010 we had been to several vets and specialists and tried numerous diets and meds which did little to no good as far as her IBD.  When the diabetes came into play in 2015 we had a challenging 2-3 months of ups and downs, tests and specialists, and finally an integrative vet in Tucson. After even more tests a food panel was finally run and we learned she is reactive to several common ingredients in dog foods. This led us to your food so I called your company and requested samples. She liked it so I purchased a bag.

A few weeks after starting Nature’s Logic I noticed she had no more signs of her IBD which had gotten worse when she was initially diagnosed with diabetes and was put on a rx dog food. We had days where she felt terrible, wouldn’t eat for hours and often had no appetite all day which created big problems as far as giving her insulin dose twice daily. Once we switched to Nature’s Logic she has never refused a meal.  Her skin allergies, which she had for many years have been nonexistent, she’s had no signs of IBD, anal gland issues have stopped, and in April she had a vet exam and CBC and the results were extremely good. Her ALKP, which had been over 1800 was down to 250, the lowest it had been since 2010. Additionally we are getting pretty decent glucose readings daily on the Sardine Meal Feast.