I’ve been feeding your food to my Springer Spaniel for over two years and am very happy with the results. A while back you gave some very detailed responses to some questions I had about the food. In today’s world of non-existent customer service, I was very happy that you listened and responded in a very meaningful way. You have a few new customers based on our recommendation, not to mention that our groomer is touting your food as she cannot believe how fabulous our dog’s coat is with no special supplements.

JH in Minnesota.

testimonials_image_16Since adopting our cat, Oreo, from a local animal shelter in March of 2008, I have been feeding him Nature’s Logic. I braced myself for having another animal in the house and dealing with shedding. Our previous pet had a massive shedding problem resulting in daily vacuuming, but right from the start I noticed that this cat didn’t shed. His coat is like velvet and he’s the perfect weight. His annual trip to the vet was this past week and even our vet couldn’t stop stroking his fur. He went on and on about how soft and healthy the cat was, and I know it was the result of a healthy food. I brought along a brochure listing the ingredients used in Nature’s Logic and he was very impressed. Several of the vet techs even came over to take a look. Having a healthy cat has been a blessing when it comes to vet bills which are non-existent. I no longer have a pet with health problems due to corn and bi-products in his diet. Your canned food made his coat even softer. He loves the rabbit meal the best as you can see. He likes to clean the can! This food is worth every penny. Thank you Nature’s Logic!

L.K., WI

testimonials_image_18I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I started buying the Natures Logic Chicken for my 8 year old pug Xena. We lost our beautiful Border Collie, Pete, in March 2008 and Xena was not acting like herself. I was introduced to this through a friend of mine. I slowly introduced it into her food, and she LOVES it! She dropped weight, she is not shedding as much, and has more energy (even though pugs are typically not that energetic). We now have a beautiful Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd named Myah, and this is the only thing she has been on. I get comments all the time on what a beautiful dog she is. I truly believe this dog food will extend the life of my pug Xena, and give a healthy long life for our new addition.
Thank you

D.D & C.D

I had been feeding another quality food for years to my cats and 3 German Shepherds before switching to Nature’s Logic. In three short weeks, I have seen amazing results – shiny coats, increase energy levels, and they seem to be more relaxed while resting. I have literally cut their food intake in half from the other “all natural pet food” I had been feeding.

My 10 year old shepherd had to have his spleen removed months ago and his hair never came back in the area the vet shaved him. The vet thought it might be a thyroid issue and was suggesting extensive blood testing. Now that the dog is on Nature’s Logic, the hair is filling in nicely. I’m so relieved his thyroids were not a problem after all!

I have also seen an improvement in my shepherd that has arthritis. He is getting around a lot better and I’m definitely looking to see what the next 3 weeks bring. Please keep making this food, it’s doing wonders for my pets!

Janet in Virginia

Hello, I just wanted to send you a picture of my 1 year old German Shepherd, Kojak. I have been feeding Nature’s Logic since day 1. You would not believe how many comments I get on my beatiful dog. I know it’s because I’m feeding Nature’s Logic.


Dear Nature’s Logic, I just wanted to let you know that your dry Lamb formula is awesome! I show and hunt German Wirehaired Pointers. They require superior nutrition due to their rigorous activities and we have definitely found that in Nature’s Logic. We became hooked after trying your food at the International Kennel Club show in Chicago. I have one male who has always been a finicky eater (as a lot of wires can be). He also has had trouble with intestinal upset on various other foods. We’ve been through just about every brand on the market! Since switching Coach to your food, as well as all of my wires, I have noticed their stools are always firm, their coats are shiny, their pigment is nice and dark, and their overall health and endurance has improved! Everyone loves the taste and they never leave any behind in their bowls. We just wanted to say thanks for coming out with an exceptional quality dog food!

M.R, Coach, Woody, Noel, and Grissom

testimonials_image_22My Newfoundland, Goliath, has a sensitive stomach. We’ve tried several higher protein/lower carb foods with no success. Our attempts only resulted in Goliath having loose stools and an upset stomach. After a gradual transition to Nature’s Logic, I can happily say that he’s had great success on it. Stools are well formed and smaller, his coat has bloomed and is thicker and more lustrous, and he eagerly eats your food with gusto. Goliath also gets the All-Food Fortifier. I love the smaller treats too as they not only help with weight control, but give me comfort knowing he’s getting something nutritious instead of just empty calories. I can’t thank you enough for making Nature’s Logic. I feel great about feeding my boy a food that contains whole food with no synthetic vitamins or minerals.

Goliath & D.M, MI

I use the Nature’s Logic Venison Dry Dinner and the All Food Fortifier Supplement for my two male Chocolate Labs, Bailey (4) and Chase (2). Since I have switched to the Venison Dinner, our Labs have been so much healthier. They have more energy, no yeast infections in their ears, and less skin allergy problems. They also have lost weight while becoming leaner and more muscular. We were on the verge of putting one of them on weight loss medication, but we have been able to avoid doing that since we switched to Nature’s Logic. What a difference!!! Thank you for such a great product!!

C.H., PA

testimonials_image_23I have a service dog named Howie, and he just loves your dog food! Nature’s Logic was recommended to us by a New Mexico organization that provides people with disabilities the opportunity for independence and mobility. I attend the University of New Mexico, and Howie helps me get through the day successfully and safely. In order for him to do his job, Howie must be healthy and strong, and your dog food provides the quality nourishment he needs. It gives him energy to walk the whole campus, and it helps him to be strong enough to bring my heavy book bag to me.

You make my service dog so happy! Thank you for making a quality dog food that is able to provide the fuel that my service dog needs to help me with my everyday life. Howie and I will forever be grateful to Nature’s Logic!

MM & Howie, NM

Thank you for making such an outstanding product. I am heavily involved with White German Shepherd rescue and am also a dog trainer at 3 different facilities. My dogs have never looked or felt better. From now on when clients ask for a food recommendation, I will not hesitate to recommend Nature’s Logic. It is a very difficult process to try and find the right food. My boy with Cushing’s Disease has a thick luscious coat since we switched to Nature’s Logic. This is unheard of in a Cushing’s dog! Everyone comments on all the dogs’ thick, beautiful coats and how much energy they have. We also have a puppy on it right now that initially came to us in horrible shape. One month later, she is GORGEOUS, and will be leaving us to become a service dog. Nature’s Logic will accompany her on her trip to her new home. Again, thank you for making the lives of our dogs healthier with a product I can recommend with confidence and that clients will be thrilled with! D.W., IN

D.W., IN