testimonials_image_24As soon as we pick up the bag of your dog food, Cookie (The Colonels Little Dog) gets all excited. Her tail starts to wag and her ears go up. She knows a good thing when she sees it. Cookie doesn’t like any dry food except yours. Good job!

B. in KY.

testimonials_image_25I really like your food; it has been great for my dogs. I have been feeding for a year now and I can not see feeding anything else with what it has done for my crew (with the various different issues I deal with). It fits all the needs with a little variety of gourmet feeding all the time.

My poor Zippity was living in an outside kennel, was malnutritioned, and darn near had pneumonia when I got him 3 years ago. My vet can not believe the difference in him, his fur shines and he is like a puppy again!

Since using Natures Logic my litters of puppies have been way healthier also!! This last round of litters, I have been amazed with their health. These 2 girls, Lizzy & Queenie, are my 1st generation of babies fed Natures Logic since conception of their mommies. They went from weaning, straight to Nature’s Logic.

Faithfully, JB – WA

I want to thank you for providing a food that my dog can eat without getting sick. Until I tried Nature’s Logic, my JRT, also a seizure alert dog, reacted adversely to every food I had given her. Except for homemade, which lacked many nutrients. My brothers in Texas and Colorado are also impressed with the results their dogs have had since switching to Nature’s Logic. And the dogs say your sardine oil is the absolute best! Thanks again. M…


testimonials_image_25I am not sure where to start. Our old girl Pris just passed away recently to cancer but not before she left us a little surprise…a new puppy, a baby girl named Paige. I have been a die-hard E…. P… brand feed pet owner. You couldn’t tell me otherwise. Well Paige is our first dog in years that would not eat it because her system could not process it properly which blew us away, yet I was not about to go purchase something off the shelves in the local supermarket. I don’t know if this is a repercussion to having such an old mother or what all I know is that when I went in to Barkenhowells in Bozeman Montana I was offered a free sample of your food. I decided what the heck she was coming to the end of her other food and I was searching for something comparable. I started reading the pamphlet given and was impressed. As I did research I ended up being sold. She also ripped open the bag that was left in the truck while her other dog food was also in there, but she never tore in to it. Not only did she rip open the samples and have a tasty meal the cat was interested in her food as well. They say pets will tell you what is right for them….I guess they are right!! One thing I firmly believe is that every pet has something special to teach their humans. She started at a very young age: 0. Thank you for making a safe dog food for our new girl. I can’t help but wonder if Pris had been on this food in her lifetime and not bogged down by synthetics with the other food if she would’ve been with us a little longer than 13 short years.

R…. Montana

testimonials_image_27As soon as I put the food on the floor!! The whole plate is already gone!! (Nature’s Logic Feline Rabbit Dry Diet)


I met you at the GSDCA National Specialty in Colorado and bought a bag of your chicken formula. I was traveling with 5 dogs and while I normally feed raw, this just wasn’t practical while traveling. In addition, my 13 year old SchH3 UD dog was having trouble digesting the raw food and seemed to be losing weight and her coat was poor. Now that she’s been on your food for over two weeks, she is gaining weight and I can see a difference in her coat. She loves it and clearly is able to use the nutrition much better. I will still feed raw too, but this is definitely something I will incorporate into my dogs’ diet. Also, the salmon and duck treats make SUPER training treats. I train dogs and find that everyone from Pomeranians to Mastiffs and Poodles love them and can easily eat them. Kudos. J.

Kudos. J.

I really love this food and am going to sing its praises. Drum (age 8) – who has had serious food/digestion/appetite issues since he was a puppy is absolutely flourishing on this food. We’ve tried in the neighborhood of ten different foods, and a raw diet, and this food is the only thing that has ever worked for him consistently. He hasn’t refused a single meal since we started on it six months ago, and he’s never had a single soft stool. Grip (who can’t tolerate most grains) is also doing beautifully on it. It has very low grain content, and that grain is millet (gluten-free, easily digestible). Z.C., NC

Z.C., NC

I have become a big fan of your dry cat food products. We feed many cats and they thrive on your food. I would like to buy some bags for my friends with cats as I think it would benefit them all…Nature’s Logic is a wonderful food & I want my friends with cats to experience this. Thank you for your time & effort. – Bob of FL.

Bob of FL.

testimonials_image_28I absolutely love your dog food, and Tucker, our two year old lab loves his Nature’s Logic, too! We use the Chicken. I love the fact there is only millet…no rice, wheat, potatoes etc. It seems like such a simple idea….but no one else is making it. Tucker sheds at least 50% less then before and the doggie by products are also less and there are fewer flies!! He is healthier, even the vet noticed it and asked what I was feeding him….he’d like to get the food too!!! I am stopped almost every walk from people who ask about my dog, whose coat shines! What’s more is Tucker has elbow dysplasia, and we can’t afford surgery. Combined with an organic pain med that I order and your food, we are able to do a 2 mile walk almost every day! Try that on what we used to feed him. Thanks for a great product…don’t quit…keep it up!


I have been using your products for 7 months now and am so impressed with the results that I have seen. My Shepherd had allergies and ear infections. Now they are gone. I have a friend that has a female German Shepard that was very ill. Her dog went from an 80 pound 10 month old, down to 38 lbs. within 8 weeks. The dog was dignosed by the Michigan State Vet School with an enzyme problem that wouldn’t allow food to be digested. The prognosis wasn’t good. Since I saw what Nature’s Logic did for my Shepard, I took her a bag of your Duck & Salmon. Your food must be magic because now the shepard is in total remission. The test results are normal. She has now gained her weight back. Natures Logic is more than a pet food it is in my opinion a total break through in pet food technology. I wish I could convince all pet owners to try this wonderful product, it would change the way they think because of the incredible results that they would see. Thank- you Natures Logic for creating this first class miracle food. C.A. Flushing, Michigan

C.A. Flushing, Michigan