Awesome Non-Profits: Community Crops

As part of our mission, Nature’s Logic supports environmental non-profits across the globe, both large and small. We choose these groups based on recommendations from our staff, our retail partners and more. 

This week, we’re honored to showcase Community Crops. 

Community Crops is a non-profit based in Lincoln, Nebraska, where the Nature’s Logic headquarters is also based. Our Lincoln team chose Community Crops because of the inspiring work they do right here in our backyard! 

Community Crops was started with one community garden in 2003, and has grown over the years to become a successful organization.  Today, Community Crops’ mission is to provide education, advocacy and experiences to grow local food. 

Community Crops now has 11 community garden sites, a training farm, a production greenhouse, garden and cooking education for all ages, a mobile farmers market and new storefront, and more. Educating the community makes a huge impact and we love that they have Youth Gardens too, which help kids understand how food is grown and where their own food comes from.

We love this quote they feature on their web site from one of their volunteers: 

“If we can continue to inspire people to grow food in their community,
we really have an opportunity to change the culture in the United States and change behavior.”

Brad Kindler, Volunteer

To learn more about Community Crops, visit: