Trio leaf design for Nature's Logic natural pet food.

Nature’s Logic Receives Vanguard Award for Legume-Free Dog Food

When we develop our diets, we do it because we love pets and believe in creating the healthiest diet we can. But we’re pretty proud when we’re recognized for our work!

Nature’s Logic is thrilled to be selected by Pet Insight Magazine to receive a Vanguard Award in the Legume-Free category. The Vanguard Awards, which recognize “leaders in the pet industry who bring innovative products to market and create a favorable business climate” are truly an honor as our success in creating a heart-healthy, taurine-rich and legume-free dog food continues. All of our diets are 100% natural with NO synthetic vitamins or minerals.

This includes our new grain-free dog food lines. We know some pets really do need a grain-free pet food so, based on our years of creating healthy diets, we developed one we think will help lots of pets. These diets also have plenty of high quality animal protein and NO legumes! We like to say it’s “Grain-Free Done Right.” Learn more about our new grain-free foods here.