Jade is Nearly Cleared Up Of All Skin Rashes After Switching to Nature’s Logic Red Recipe

At Nature’s Logic we are so happy to hear when a pet does well on any of our recipes. Recently, Jade’s mom from Cooper, Jade and Zeus on Instagram wrote in to tell us about her experience with Nature’s Logic. 

“So Jade has always had some pretty bad allergies resulting in her skin flaring up in rashes. After a while of not much relief, we had her tested for food allergens. The results were a long list (wheat, rice, chicken, turkey, sweet potato, yam, rosemary, oat, buckwheat, cod, corn, peas, oatmeal, bran, sorghum). It took some searching but we found a kibble food that was perfect for Jade as it includes NONE of her allergies, Nature’s Logic Grain Free Distinction Canine Red Recipe. We started using this food about 6 months ago and as you can see in pictures; she is nearly cleared of all skin rashes…So thankful to have found this company and their products for our family! 💗”

Thank you, Chelsea, for letting us know about Jade’s story and we hope she continues to do well on Nature’s Logic!

At Nature’s Logic we believe that high quality, 100% natural food sets the stage for optimal health, but we urge pet parents whose dog or cat has an illness, disease or other issue to speak with their veterinarian about their concerns.