Presley the Leonberger is our May 2022 Pet of the Month

A beautiful 1-year-old Leonberger named Presley is our May Pet of the Month. Here is what her mom, Tyra H., had to say:

“I waited 10 years to get a Leonberger puppy, and before we brought her home, I did extensive research on the best food to feed her for  growth and health. ‘Presley’ has been on Nature’s Logic rotating between Beef, Lamb,Chicken, and Sardine Feast, combined with your sardine oil since we brought her home. We purchased it from Four Paws and Company, in Longmont, Colorado.  She is so healthy, with a beautiful coat, and is only 2 points shy of her AKC Championship after only a handful of shows. I believe that your food really helped her to grow at a good pacewhich is so important in a giant breed. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful food without synthetics!” 

Thank you, Tyra, for submitting Presley’s story!

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