Two Special Needs Cats are Named February Pet(s) of the Month!

This month we have two handsome felines as our Pet(s!) of the Month – Pokey and Scruggs. Here’s what their mom, Madeline H., has to say:

“Scruggs (tuxedo) is twelve and Pokey (ginger) is three. I have had Scruggs for 2.5-3 years and Pokey for one. I have been feeding them Nature’s Logic for about a year, ever since I got Pokey. Both of my boys are special needs (FIV) so I knew I needed to feed them ahigh quality diet without any harmful additives I also prefer to support family owned businesses so Nature’s Logic was the perfect choice. I buy their food at Liz’s Pet Shop in Chicago, IL. They are a collective unit who enjoys all the turkey meal feast!”

Thank you Madeline for participating in our Pet of the Month promotion! We’re so happy to hear they are doing well on Nature’s Logic.

Does your pet love Nature’s Logic? Submit your pet’s photo and a short bio with some fun facts about your pet and tell us why they should be featured as our next Pet of the Month! Send us your submissions.